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For every person that comes up and comments on something about you, there may be 99 people who are thinking it and just won’t tell you…

Wearing that new jacket and not sure what people are thinking??

Have a super personality and no-one has told you??

Done a really good presentation at work yet you're still waiting for feedback??

Got that new hairstyle and wondering if people think it's as great as you do??

Well you don’t really know do you…??

And it’s true the other way around isn’t it, where you’ve appreciated someone’s look, friendliness or positive energy and for whatever reason just didn’t go up to them and let them know, that’s fine, that’s what most people do. However, that person spends their day without ever really knowing what people think…

So now you can safely and anonymously go ahead, make someone’s day and make the world a better place... send them Appreesh!