COVID-19 got you down? Newly launched Australian app has a unique mood-boosting solution

(Brisbane, QLD) September 14, 2020: From the corner of your eye, they catch your attention. They’re beautiful. You’ve never seen shoes like them before. They’re such a unique colour and style. Maybe you’ll tell the guy wearing them when he walks by. Everyone likes a compliment, right? Then again, maybe the girl walking next to him will think you’re trying to flirt with him. Maybe he’ll think you’re weird for talking to a stranger. Better not say anything. He looks a bit downcast. Maybe he’d love a compliment. By the time you run through the narrative in your mind, it’s too late, he and his gorgeous shoes have walked by. With the newly launched Appreesh app, you can still make his day.

Originally envisioned and created before the COVID-19 pandemic, the creators of the Appreesh app held off on its release during the height of the pandemic when most people were staying home. Now, as the pandemic drags on, Appreesh’s creators see a need to boost people’s mood and alleviate the anxiety and stress many are currently feeling. With a quick tap of the finger, users launch the Appreesh app. The app displays a list of other people who also have the app in the vicinity. The user then clicks on the compliment that they would like to give. Instantaneously, the person being complimented gets a message on their phone that is sure to brighten their day.

“Think about the last time you received a compliment,” says Stu Coleman, founder of Appreesh. “I bet you know exactly when it was and what the compliment was for. A compliment is so much more than a simple phrase spoken to a stranger. It’s validation and appreciation. It can transform a bad mood into a good mood instantly and it has staying power. You’ll feel great about the outfit, the haircut, the watch, your friendly smile - whatever the compliment was for - for years, all because someone once took a few seconds to say they liked it. With the Appreesh app, people who are shy or in a rush or who just want to show a stranger that they really do like one of their personality traits, features or accessories, can still do something nice for someone and let them know.”

At 12 noon on Friday, September 18, 2020, at The Myer Centre in Brisbane’s CBD, residents of Brisbane are invited to try out the Appreesh app. The Appreesh Angels will be out complimenting passers by and spreading their message of positivity, gratitude, and how quickly a nice compliment can change someone’s mood.

“There’s a famous class at Yale University in the States. The class is about how to be happy. It focuses on a number of things that individuals can do to keep their mood up. One of the main messages in the course is to do something nice for someone else. Complimenting someone not only makes the person being complimented feel great for hours and days afterwards, it feels good for the person giving the compliment. At a time where we’re all desperately looking for positivity and good news, the Appreesh app is a simple solution that can help Australians feel great!”

The Appreesh app is available for download on The App Store or on Google Play. For more information, visit